Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Do They Like Me?

At the end of November Celtic Films requested the script for my 90 minute TV drama From This Day forth. I sent it out at the beginning of December and now it's April, so as they haven't sent it back yet I'm thinking this is good news. Usually if I haven't heard from a production company after three months I send them a polite email enquiring if they received the script. I want to send one to Celtic Films but I worried that if I do I might jinx myself and find the script on my door mat the next day.

I'm not a superstitious person and I normally wouldn't give a toss, but just recently I've been having a more positive response to my work and this in turn has elevated my expectations and hopes. Now I'm starting to get paranoid too. I keep thinking, 'what if they didn't receive it and I'm waiting on nothing?'

This got me thinking what if production companies had on-line tracking systems like the major parcel couriers do? You could then log in and check on the status of your script every day.
  • Your script has arrived.
  • It's being read now.
  • We're laughing hysterically.
  • It's propping up my desk.
  • We've run out of toilet paper.
  • We read it with interest but decided you're a twat so we've sent it back - what's left of it.

It would make the writer's life a little less complicated.


Optimistic_Reader said...

Think you could be on to something there Dom! It's true the worst thing about waiting is the not knowing. If only the agencies, production companies and competition organisers realised that the majority of writers just want some honest feedback things would be so much easier, for writers of all levels.

Dom Carver said...

Celtic Films have replied and it's all good. See for details.