Friday, April 07, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me

Today is my birthday and I am 37 years old.

I've more hair growing in strange places hair shouldn't grow.

No matter how much I diet and exercise I still have a thick layer of fat hiding my six pack.

My eyebrows are starting to go grey.

Every birthday message I have received so far has started, "Happy Birthday you old git."

No one bought me an X-Box 360.

I hear the pub calling and it's not even 11am.

Another year not commissioned.

Life sure knows how to kick you in the balls.

On the positive side Susie bought me a shiny new strappy-briefcase-bagtype-thingy so that I will look ever so professional when I'm eventually called into a meeting with a producer to discuss my work. I like my shiny present. Happy Birthday to me :-)


Lucy said...

Happy Birthday you old git.

Well, who am I to rock the boat??!

Danny Stack said...

Happy Birthday you sprightly young lamb. It is Spring after all.

Dom Carver said...

Thank you for that, Lucy.

Cheers, Danny. I'm off up the Riverside now to sink a couple of pints of the black stuff.

bumbawumba said...

Happy Birthday fellow Aries

Lee said...

Happy birthday! It's been a packed week for natal anniversaries.

Paul Campbell said...

Happy birthday, spring chicken (meself, I hit forty in five days time).

Have faith. You will use that briefcase.

kenny said...

Happy Birthday, its been a while since we spoke!

Dom Carver said...

bumbawumba, you're a very strange man.

Lee: scary photo, but thanks. Love your comments.

Paul Campbell.....hahahahaha old man you are :-P Just jesting

Kenny????? Who the F$&k are you???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

My birthday is over. Thank you!!!!

bumbawumba said...

woman actually!

Olaf said...

How can I not wish you belated happy birthday? Well done also for putting on the TV Vest. I do not like Norweigens, however. I am from Linkoping. Well done also for getting a good result for your script and not for pissing yourself (my blog) - Another unpaid writer leaves the fold!

Optimistic_Reader said...

Happy Birthday!