Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Good Writing Session

I wrote another five pages of a screenplay today, which I'm quite pleased with as I've also been doing other things as well. And it's also not bad considering I have a two and a half year old running around my feet for most of the day, wanting to be picked up so he can sit on my lap and see what his daddy is up to. Five pages was a good day.

It made me wonder what other writers would consider a GOOD WRITING DAY?

How many pages makes you happy?


Adaddinsane said...

Good question - I'm happiest with at least 5 decent pages. But currently I'm only getting to write about half an hour a day during my lunch hour.

I usually get 1 or 2 pages done though they're usually pretty reasonable. I'm also polishing previous stuff as I go - this is a rewrite so I'm allowed that luxury :-)

When I'm doing ScriptFrenzy I usually bang out 7-10 pages in an evening but I make no claims as to quality.

Sally A said...

Speeded now that's not a word. Sorry word blindness....

Sally A said...

I mainly write continuing drama so I'd say... writing - I've now speeded up to about 15-20 pages. Rewriting - 20-30 pages; Polishing about 40 pages.

But then I write from 10am till about 10.45pm which isn't very healthy I must say. I like working intensely though - lets the steam build up!

Sally A said...

I should never ever have said that - crawled to a snail's pace this weekend. Argghhhh!

That'll learn me.

Dom Carver said...

Hahahaha, always the way, isn't it.

Could you drop me a line Sally A, I'd love to have a chat with you and pick your brains (not in the zombie way)?