Monday, December 29, 2008

Year's End


Finish Paper, Scissors, Stone. (Now called Faith once again. Starting another draft in 2009. It's good, but it can be better. Is this the spec I'll make my break though with?)

Write a pilot for Second Skin, my TV comedy drama series idea. (Done, and damn good it turned out too)

To sell something...anything...this year...for definite!!!! (Failed....BUM!!!)

To get into TV. (Failed. Didn't really expect that call from RTD asking me to write for Doctor Who. I would have pissed my pants and turned into a gibbering wreck if he had.)

To write, write and write some more... and send it all out. (Done. Wrote loads this year and quite pleased with myself.)

To meet more people in the industry and make more contacts. (Done. I am a networking pimp.)

2008 was a year of ups and downs for me. There were some good points and some bad, but the end result is I've made a few more valuable contacts in the industry even if I did fail to get into TV or sell any of my work.

2008 Ups

Finally got a copy of AGN and saw it transmitted on Norwegian TV.

My Mr. Vista episodes were filmed. I went along to watch the filming for an afternoon. It was strange seeing my words come to life.

Going to the Screenwriters' Festival and making several good contacts.

Getting a producer interested in my Wonderland Idea.

Wrote some good stuff.

I have been commissioned to write a short sci-fi script for a director.

2008 Downs

Didn't get anywhere with competitions this year. I was most upset not getting through to the second round of The Red Planet Prize as I though I had a strong premise and a very strong script.

Couldn't give away any of my ten minute shorts.

Failed to start my novel again!!!!!!

Interested producer dropped his interest in Wonderland, because of too many similar projects in production. Disappointed in this as my idea was different enough to make it stand out.

Got really depressed with writing and stopped for two months keeping a it a secret from everybody, even my fellow bloggers. I very nearly decided to give up writing for good, but the lure of creativity has proved too strong and I'll be back stronger in 2009.

Very disappointed with myself for not getting into TV.

Aims For 2009

To send off sample scripts to producers of existing drama and get myself a TV writing gig.

To sell a short script.

To finish that novel.

To polish my back catalogue of writing.

To avoid getting depressed about my lack of progress and to channel all of my efforts into making myself a successful writer.

Best 2008 Christmas Present

This was close one. The Dark Knight DVD nearly won it, but in the end Doctor Who: The Writer's Tale became an addiction. So far I've read two chapters and it's compelling stuff. It's hard to believe that someone as prolific and successful as RTD could ever have the same doubts as a writer as I do. Utterly mad, but even if you only have a passing interesting writing you have to buy this book.

See you in 2009 people.



Glad you didn't quit Dom!

Would've missed you...

Btw, if RTD, or the Moffat do call, and you still feel you're not quite up to it, pass them on to me!

If you do, I'll send you a new pair of pants.

And a nappy...

Happy New Year!

Dom Carver said...

Cheers buddy :-)