Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Directors Wanted

I'm going to Norway next year, as my best friend is getting married, but I need cash to get there. It's an expensive place Norway, a half pint of beer costs £4.50...yep, you read that right. So I need to raise funds by optioning my short scripts.

For a three month option I'm charging £100 with a further 3 months extension for £50. My scripts are listed below.

I Do?
Richard and Ruth are getting married, but Richard is having second thoughts. A short comedy script about how women get their way....always!

Journey's End
Stuck on a train with an old one night stand the journey quickly becomes a nightmare for Brenda. A short comedy about regretful drunken nights.

Stanton's going to end it all and jump, but he didn't reckon on Jean being on his roof. So who is going to jump? A short comedy about taking the plunge.

Rhubarb has lost his owner and on his journey to find her he falls in love with a fairy called Tulip. A short comedy about our little garden friends. (No dialogue)

The Dead Side Of Life
John wants to commit suicide, but can't find the right way. He need not worry Death always finds a way of collecting. A short comedy about suicide, friendship and Death in black sequined spandex.

Max and Craig work one last job with their friend before he leaves the business to marry. But when he doesn't turn up the two complete the job together reminiscing about old times, only to make a startling discovery that will change their working lives forever. A short comedy about friendship and loyalty.

So if you might be interested, or know someone who might be, please get in contact and lets get me to the church on time :-)




Lucy said...

Any luck so far, Dom?

Dom Carver said...

No! :-( I might have to swim to Norway at this rate.

Lucy said...

Have you thought about selling stuff on eBay - like maybe a kidney?? ; )


Dom, have you tried offering your options for sale on

http://www.talentcircle.org/ ?

It's free to join and free to list...

Good luck anyway, Sheiky

Dom Carver said...

Cheers, buddy.

Sweet said...

Dom - it's me William. You sent me your script 'Gnome' before, but it wasn't really for me (more animation based?). I've been speaking to Lucy and she says that 'Look on the Dead Side of Life' was a good script - would it be possible for me to have a look? Try my bbc email or wmager at mac dot com.