Tuesday, April 08, 2008

TV Opportunity

As part of the upcoming new talent month Channel 4 are giving Hollyoaks fans the chance to write an entire episode of the show. For the very first time, aspiring writers have the chance to put words into the mouths of the Hollyoaks cast and see their work come to life on screen.

The competition is designed to seek out the most promising new drama writing talent in the UK. Entrants are tasked with scripting four scenes based on an old storyline and from these a winner will be selected. They will be given exclusive access to future Hollyoaks storylines, get commissioned to write a full show and work with the production team to get their script on air.

Full details are available in the press release, and on the site below:



Log on and have a go.


John Soanes said...

I was gonna have a go at this, but then I spotted that if you're lucky enough to win, you have to spend three weeks with Lime (presumably in Liverpool), and I couldn't afford to take that time off the 9-5, unfortunately. Shame, as I was genuinely keen.
Did you have a go, Dom?

Dom Carver said...

Indeed I did. Fingers crossed.