Wednesday, January 06, 2016


HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL! This is my 500th blog post... yay me... and is the perfect way to ring in the new year.

So how was 2015?

To be honest the first six months was a bit pants, somewhat of a struggle and I didn't get much writing done. However, I soldiered on through adversity and things got better. I had a couple of small commissions in April and by August things were beginning to look pretty awesome again.

Because last year started off so slow I'm determined to hit the ground running this month, make the most of 2016 and get as much writing done as I possibly can.

2016 AIMS:

As you may remember a TV episode was my goal last year. I went to several more TV meetings and again they love my work, but that TV episode still remains elusive. So this year my focus is 100% on getting that first episode of TV. To facilitate this I'm going to write one new pilot episode of a TV drama, three treatments of further TV ideas, all by June, and watch my favourite returning dramas religiously to aid me in my quest.

This doesn't mean however, that I'll be neglecting my feature writing duties. There's a first and second draft of a feature to complete by April and a feature rewrite to complete sometime in February or March. So as you can see the first six months of this year are going to be manically busy... but that's how I respond to a bad year, I get up and work even harder the next. Adversity will never kill me, it will never dampen my spirit and I'll always, always bounce back more determined than ever before.

So tell me, what are your writing goals for 2016?

Happy Writing!

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