Wednesday, January 07, 2015


2014 was an amazing year for me, one where I finally began to see real gains from all the hard work I've put in over the last twelve months.

I had several meetings with interested producers who expressed a desire to work with me in the near future, including two from well known TV production companies, the head of children's drama for a major broadcaster and a producer from a feature production company specialising in novel adaptations.

It's always a great delight (and huge confidence boost) when producers complement your work. It makes all that blood, sweat and tears worth while. But not only did the people I met up with during 2014 like the samples of work my agent sent them but three of them were so impressed they offered me the possibility of future TV drama episodes; one made by a development producer and the other two by the show runners themselves. Of course this all depends on these series' getting the green light from the various broadcasters, but at least the offers are there and at last it feels like TV is not so far out of my reach now.

I also had a promise from the development producer of the feature film company that if he came across a novel he thought I would like, he would see if I would be interested in adapting it. This is on top of him currently considering two of my other feature projects for production.

Although I didn't go the London Screenwriters' Festival in October (which I have to admit I really missed) I feel I still made significant progress networking. But by December I found I was frazzled, fatigued, my energy and motivation were running low and I do regret missing the festival and not being able to recharge my writer batteries.

I also have a great deal to look forward too in 2015. I not only have the possible TV episodes but I also have two features going into production, one in March and the other in the summer. I know a lot can happen between now and March but I'm over the moon that things are finally moving forward with my feature projects.

My aims this year are as follows; 1 - to be commissioned for a TV drama episode. 2 - to see both proposed feature productions actually happen and go well.

Here's to a successful year for us all.

Happy writing!

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