Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I don't have a blog planned for today. Not that I didn't try to come up with an idea for one but all the ideas I had didn't seem right, or didn't quite work. That's just typical of writing sometimes.

The last three weeks I've been working as a script editor for a producer friend of mine, on a feature due to shoot in the summer. It was a tough ask considering where the script was, but the writer showed her worth by working super hard, listening to the ideas I had for changes and she managed to finish the script in less than the twenty-one days we were asked to do it in. It was great to work with another writer who showed such passion and an openness to listen to someone else's ideas and suggestions. And it was a pleasure for me to read each act as she sent it to me. It was a delight to watch a writer grow in confidence right in front of my eyes.

'Hope' is a word I hated when I was a new writer. Waiting to hear back from producers and agents used to drive me mad and I would be checking my email every minute or so. I've learnt over the last two years while writing for film that nothing ever happens quickly. All four projects are moving forward at their own pace and I'm happy about that. If they weren't moving forward then I would be worried. I have other things to get on with anyway, one spec comedy feature to finish off and a spec thriller feature to start, so it's not as if I'm sat here twiddling my thumbs waiting for something to happen. And that's not counting the meeting I have on the 3rd with another production company.

Hmm, I think I might be drinking too much coffee. Several years ago I was drinking ten cups a day and stopped because it kept me awake at night. I started drinking coffee again six-months ago and although I only drink two or three a day I'm worried my body is getting used to it. I don't want to be drinking ten mugs a day again. Besides my body doesn't really like caffiene. Letting me drink strong black coffee is like giving a six-year-old a kilo bag of sugar and a spoon. It's not going to end well.

Staples are delivering later. I need more index cards. Indeed I feel quite anxious I have less than twenty left. Checking the window every few minutes to see if I can spot the TNT van. Hurry uppppppppp, I want my stationery fix.

Out for a drink tonight with a couple of writers. They buy me beer so I let them pick my brain about writing...I'm nice like that. Then tomorrow I'm meeting up with an award winning director. His current feature is doing rather well. Would be great to work with him in the future.

My agent is awesome.

So is my wife, as she proof reads everything I write. My spelling is that awful.

Hmm, think the coffee has sunk in now, so I apologise if things get too random.

Who's booked up for Danny Stack's course at Lighthouse, Poole in February???? If you haven't, book up now. Well worth the money and you'll learn loads.

Wonder if I should change my office around? It's been like this for six years. I really want a new desk, this one is too small.

I actually got complemented yesterday by a gay producer I know for coming up with the line, "sodamisin' spunk sponge," for a feature script of his. He replied via text saying, "I love it. I think it's original homophobic! LOL!" I aim to please.

I've put on too much weight over Christmas and sitting at my desk all day doesn't help. I'm two stone heavier than I was three years ago. Must exercise.

I need a new Mac, this one is playing up...and more stationery!

Swapping back to Sky Fibre tomorrow. Farewell forever BT, you sucked big time.

Right, must get on with this one pager I promised a producer would be done by 11am.

Happy writing.

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