Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Ask The Writer published an online interview with me last week, where they asked in depth questions about my journey as a writer. Two writers have already emailed me and thanked me personally for the interview, calling it insightful and inspirational... well I do like to help out. You can read my interview here.

I've always been very grateful for the advice others have given me in the past, so it feels natural to me to give advice to new writers, to help them avoid the pitfalls - of which there are many - I fell in to along my journey. That's what I love about the writer community, it's all one big love in where we go and share our wealth of knowledge. And I love helping others.

So do you have anything to share with your fellow writers, any hints, tips, or experiences? If so add a link to them in the comments below and let's all influence others to be better writers. Looking forward to reading your links.

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