Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I'm impatient and always have been. It's so all consuming and almost impossible to ignore. Sometimes I think I might actually die of impatience one day. I may have even written about it before, indeed I'm sure I have, but here it is again rearing it's ugly head, taunting me with possibilities just around the corner.

I'm feel like my eleven-year-old self again waiting for Saturday morning so I could run up to the paper shop with my pocket money to buy the latest copy of 2000AD and a bag of pineapple cubes to munch while I read. Those Saturday mornings were the best, but the six day wait before was always pure hell, full of nervous anticipation that would occupy my thoughts every waking moment.

These days it's waiting on others, specifically; the editing of a short film to be finished, for a deal to be struck on a feature or TV mini series, for a mind blowing cast list to be confirmed, for a short film to go into production, for confirmation of a job offer, for an offer of representation and for payment for services rendered. But I have to be patient, things don't happen over night. It would be nice if they did. So I wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait. Sometimes I seriously wonder why I haven't gone out of my mind already!

I can't let it get to me though, otherwise I would be emailing and phoning everyone, every minute of every day and soon people would get fed up of me and stop answering my calls and emails. So for things I know are happening soon I'll chase up every two weeks and for those things I know will take a while I'll stay in touch roughly once a month, just to keep myself up to date with progress, not to moan at them for not getting things done, because that would be bad.

It's worth noting the short film I'm waiting to finish editing so I can see a copy has been two years plus in the making, but I know it will be worth the wait when I see the finished version.
So how do I cope? By allowing myself a small treat now and again when I finish a project or if I have something pretty awesome to celebrate.
And this fat boy is today's treat for finally finishing The Lost Soul screenplay. Don't mind if I do :-)

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