Friday, July 04, 2008

"Hi, my name is Mike."

As I shook his dry and wrinkly hand I couldn't help but note his shabby appearance. He wore combat trousers, which although clean, looked like they had been lived in for a while. The trousers hung from his skinny frame held in place by a flimsy pair of blue braces. His shirt, like his trousers, creased and worn with use, and his hair and beard, gray and unruly. However, it is was those brown eyes that sparkled with intelligence that told me there was more to Mike than his outward appearance. But more of Mike later.

The Screenwriters' Festival 2008 - Day One - Tuesday 1st July 2008

The journey down the previous afternoon had been mostly uneventful, the only exception being when my sat-nav decided to have some fun and suddenly announced, "at the roundabout take the first exit," while I was on a duel carriageway, miles from the next junction, or any roundabout for that matter. I think my exact words were, "what f&%king roundabout you stupid piece of technological crap?!?!?!?"

Anyway I did managed to arrive at my destination, meet up with a few others and down a beer or two before going to bed.

Tuesday was fantastic. There were so many people I knew at the festival and it was such a great atmosphere. But I wasn't there to meet up with mates, I was there to listen to the speakers and network myself to near prostitute proportions. I met one director who was interested in a film script I was pitching for a friend, and I also got to chat to several useful contacts to whom I could send copies of my various projects. Not bad for my first day.

The writing for comics session was really interesting and gave me the chance to finally meet the pointy shoe wearing David Bishop, author and ex editor of 2000AD.

A good day's networking was followed by a good night's drinking. I don't remember the Harvester and only a flash or two of Piers Beckley's now infamous room party. I think I left at about one to one thirty as my wife informed me I phone her and babbled absolute shit for fifteen minutes before she hung up on me.

Back to Mike. The man in question was Mike Leigh, multi award winning director. A fantastic talker. His beliefs and obvious love of film shone through, but what was most impressive was his strength, his absolute belief that his way was the only way. A true inspiration.

Day two to follow soon.


Geoff Prickett said...

if you cared about your blog's fans, you will post day 2 immediately, sir.

Geoff Prickett said...

and some more on Mike if you please.

Dom Carver said...

I have to create anticipation, teasing you all so you keep coming back for more. However, as you have asked so nicely I will post a bit more about the legend that is Mike Leigh... soon. ;-)


gald you had a grat time, Dom!

Hope something comes from all that networking.

Now get on with the next post and tell us more juicey secrets/details...

Jason Arnopp said...

"Anyway I did managed to arrive at my destination, meet up with a few others and down a beer or two before going to bed."

When you say this, sir, do you mean that you were the first man through the door for me 'n' Piers' Scribomeet event? Do you? Do you?

Admit this, and I shall draw a veil over the way in which you danced on a table while shaking maracas and claiming to be "a lovely, lovely lady".

Dom Carver said...

I admit nothing, Arnopp!

Mel N. Colee said...

I am really miffed that I missed the screenwriters festival....I too am a graduate of Bournemouth (2002) and miss it like hell.

Good on you Sir.