Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I haven't had a proper rant since just over a year ago when I was going through a tough patch (it was the blackness I tell you, it creeps up on you), but I'm going to have one now. So if you are of a nervous disposition please go and read something else. Let the rant begin.

I got an email yesterday and it went something like this, "Who the [bleep] do you think you are giving us your [bleep]ing [bleep] advice? What the [bleep] do you [bleep]ing know about it? Shut the [bleep] up!" I think the person with anger issues was referring to this article.

What do I know about it? I've lived it; that's what I know about it. If you don't want to listen to my advice that's entirely up to you, but you're an idiot if you don't. Why make all the same mistakes as me? Why not read what I have to say and avoid them? Surely it makes sense to choose the easy option? I don't write these posts so I can say, "Wow, look at me. Aren't I great? Worship me, lesser beings." I write them so other new writers following on behind me can avoid the mistakes I made.

But as I said, you don't have to take my advice, there's loads of other writers out there at various stages in their careers who also have something worthwhile to say about what they do.

Danny Stack: A reader who's worked for some big production companies and has also taught scriptwriting at Leeds and Bournemouth universities. He doesn't rant at all, he's a very mellow, deep thinking person.

James Moran: The writer of Severance and episodes of Doctor Who and Torchwood. Occasionally has a rant and quite often threatens to kill the readers of his blog. A lovely chap.

English Dave: A professional writer who talks about the dark side of the business. A non stop ranter, but it's all for our benefit, so that's alright.

Lucy Vee: A reader who reads for new writers and professionals alike. She likes a good rant, mostly about people who ask her to read and comment on their work, who then moan and rant when she points out the faults. She also has the occasional rant about agents. Just don't start her on that topic of conversation.

These are four of my favorite bloggers, there are more, but these four will suffice for now. Again you don't have to take my advice. Does the occasional rude email bother me? Not in the least; send me more and I'll laugh at your naivety. You can take my advice or not. Do what you want, it's your career, or lack of it.

Rant over, normal service resumed.


Oli said...

You call that a [bleep]ing rant? You can [bleep]off with your [bleep]rants, that wasn't a [bleep]rant. You think you can rant? You couldn't rant on the rantiest day of your life if you had an electrified ranting machine, you [bleep].

The advice was lovely, though.

potdoll said...

yeah, sorry about sending you that email dom, i was in a bad mood...

Phill Barron said...

Honestly, have people got nothing better to do with their time?

If it upsets him/her that much, surely the way forward is just to stop reading?

It's like the idiots who write in to the BBC complaining about a program - they're mental, don't fucking listen to them.

(Sorry, my bleep machine doesn't work.)

As a general rule of thumb, ignore anyone who makes the effort to write in and voice their unasked for opinion.

In fact ... oh wait, I'm doing it now.


Dom Carver said...

I've even had an email today complaining about this post. How I laughed :-)

Lucy said...

Tell them to shove their complaints up their arses - oh no, wait: they're too anally retentive to be able to do that, so let's shove a coat hanger up their noses instead. Yeah.

And WTF?? I OCCASIONALLY RANT?? You clearly haven't been reading at all you little [beep]!!!!!!!!!