Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Sound Of Drums





John Simm is a god, it's official. What an episode. It's the first time watching Doctor Who I am genuinely concerned that the Doctor isn't going to make it, even though I know he will. Where does he go from here and how does he get out of it? It's cruel to make us wait another week.

Oh, and sorry James, but you were beaten to the jelly babies. Bugger!


Phillip Barron said...

I was really disappointed. They had the great cliff-hanger last week, how the hell are they going to get out of that (bearing in mind they'd made a big fuss about Jack's watch thingy)?


They just did, it's not important. If you really want to know, here's a couple of flashbacks - now that the tension's gone we can show you without any danger of it being too exciting.

Then the characters just wander around a bit. John Simm is about as threatening as Bambi, nothing to fear there. The Doctor's plan is to put the Tardis key around the Master's neck so everyone can see he's really nasty - after he's murdered the President-Elect of America and told the world he's really nasty.

Right, great plan Doc.

Then, just as billions of robots descend on Earth to kill people, Jack insists Martha escape. Why doesn't he go with her? Because he's sending her to Earth, right in the middle of the killer balls.

Another nice plan.

And the Master's grand plan? Ha ha! I'm going to kill everyone on Earth and then I'll rule the planet ... after everyone's dead.

Yep, another genius plot.

Dom Carver said...

Oh dear, there's always one.

I think you'll find that the Master told the balls to kill one tenth of the population if I remember correctly.

I thought it was excellent entertainment and so did my brother who was jumping up and down in glee beside me.

Phillip Barron said...

Yeah, I got that ten percent thing. I also heard him say there were 6 billion balls - that's the same as the population of the planet(ish) I also thought he said something about ruling over a dead planet/ashes of the burning Earth or something like that.

I'm jumping the gun there, assuming his plan is to carry on and kill the rest of them, just to piss the Doctor off.

I'm fairly confident I'm going to have the minority opinion on this episode. Particularly the John Simm thing. I really would have liked a bit of tension from last week's cliff-hanger though.

I am quite curious to find out what the drumming noise is and why the Master's been hearing it all his life.

Dom Carver said...

You weren't paying much attention by the sounds of it.

The drums was the sound the Master heard when he looked into the time vortex at eight years old. It was the sound of the 'robots' and the sound he has been hearing ever since.

Phillip Barron said...

You're right, I was kind of drifting off by then. Sorry.

Phillip Barron said...

Hang on, I've just watched this again. There are no drums when he looked into the vortex; and if he's been hearing them since he was eight, you'd think he'd have mentioned them before.

Dom Carver said...

I wacthed it again too. My mistake. He mentions them in the advert for next week's episode.

Phillip Barron said...

Ah, that explains that then.

Dom Carver said...

Doctor Who, BBC1
"Witty, literate, sophisticated, and revelling in postmodern panache."
Hannah Betts, The Times

"Too bloody right!" Dominic Carver, on the toilet.

Phillip Barron said...

"Never trust anyone who uses the term postmodern and means it."
Phill Barron, under-educated of Eastbourne

Dragonlord_Warlock said...

It was not shown in the "Sound of Drums" episode that the Master been hearing the sound of drums all his life but it been stated elsewhere. The noise is not what he heard when he looked into the vortex when he was eight. It was the product of his insanity. This is why the Doctor told him it all in his head.

What they trying to say is the evil that is the Master was the side effects of his insanity. Remember, the previous incarnation of the Master in "Utopia" complained even in human form of the constant drumming.