Thursday, September 21, 2006


The Dennis Potter Screenwriting Award.

"Annual award established in 1995 in memory of the late television playwright to 'nurture and encourage the work of new writers of talent and personal vision'. Submissions should be made through a BBC TV drama producer or an independent production company."

Hurrah, another competition for new writers.... that was what I thought until I read the last line.

2006 winner: Russell T. Davies

What the f%&k? Since when is Russell T. Davies a new writer?

Does anyone else think this award is nonsense, or is it just me?


Danny Stack said...

There are two Dennis Potter Awards.

One is the Bafta Dennis Potter Award, usually given to high profile writers like Paul Abbott and Russell T Davies (winner of last year's) and awarded at the Bafta TV ceremony.

The other is a BBC Dennis Potter Award for new writers, which is the one you've highlighted. Someone's got the winners mixed up...

Dom Carver said...

That was from The Writer's Handbook 2007.

Thanks for sorting that one out, Danny. Case closed.

Sal said...

New writers, but ones who already have a BBC producer or a production company interested in them? Not really that new, then? At least it doesn't think that "new" means "under 25"

Dom Carver said...

God, if NEW means under 25 then I'm stuffed!

Lucy said...

I think we all are stuffed if new means under 25 - You need some life experience first AND to have watched hundreds of thousands of hours AND read loadsa screenplays... Who's got all the time to do that before the age of 25 when life gets in the way???

Optimistic_Reader said...

I'd agree with Sal - this one isn't really for the genuinely new writers among us, as most of us don't already have contacts with producers. However, I don't think there is anything to stop you searching for an independent producer to collaborate with on this if you have a script you think is suitable - why not put a posting on Shooting People or Talent Circle? Producers and directors put out requests on there for writers often enough.